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We are committed to providing the highest quality and unique staple foods and authentic Haitian goods at great prices.


Minimally processed foods to nourish your whole family

We don’t take shortcuts. You’ll find a variety of premium staple foods so that you can fuel your body right. You’ll find rare grains such as bulgur wheat & sorghum and high quality spices including whole cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg to enrich your selection. We carry authentic Haitian popular products such djon djon, pitimi (sorghum), lwil maskreti, chocolate balls, and lalo (jute leaf).

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Hats, Keychains, Scarves and Other Accessories With The Haitian Flag

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Start your skincare & Hair repair today

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Authentic Haitian Castor Oil

Haitian Black Castor | Lwil Maskriti

Haitian Castor Oil works wonders for all hair and skin types. Great for hair growth, addressing skin conditions such as acne, inflammation, and skin discoloration.
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Start on your journey to health with satisfying flavorful foods. We partner with small farms in the USA and Haiti to bring you fresh foods, bursting with flavor.


Only the finest products are selected.


We carry an assortment of natural, minimally processed products.

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This lwil maskriti is exactly what I remembered. Very impressed with this product.
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