Esterly’s Haitian Black Castor Oil – Lwil Maskriti – 8 oz / 240 mL

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  • 100% pure, unrefined, and organic Haitian black castor oil
  • Handcrafted using a traditional Haitian roasting process to preserve nutrients
  • Rich in vitamins A & E, ricinoleic, and other beneficial minerals
  • Promotes healthy hair growth, thicker hair, and prevents split ends
  • Nourishes and moisturizes dry hair, skin, and nails
  • Versatile for use as a hot oil treatment, hair growth oil, or body moisturizer
  • Suitable for all hair types and skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Small-batch production ensures quality and potency

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Esterly’s Haitian Black Castor Oil – Lwil Maskreti – 8 oz

Esterly’s Haitian Black Castor Oil – Lwil Maskriti – 8 oz. is a luxurious and potent natural solution for numerous hair and skin concerns. With its rich concentration of vitamins A & E and ricinoleic, this 100% pure Haitian black castor oil offers a myriad of benefits.

From promoting healthy hair growth, and improving the condition of your hair and nails to enhancing skin, Esterly’s Haitian Black Castor Oil is a versatile and powerful addition to your beauty routine.

The natural goodness of Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti, a trusted brand that prides itself on delivering pure, high-quality products straight from Haiti. Get beautiful locks and radiant skin with Esterly’s Haitian Black Castor Oil – Lwil Maskriti – 8 oz.

Haitian Black Castor Oil Original & Pure 100% Unrefined Lwil Maskriti Palma Christi Oil From Haiti For Hair| Skin| Nails

With Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil you can achieve beautiful hair and skin.   Our traditional Haitian black castor oil is handcrafted using organic castor beans roasted to perfection.  This roasting process increases effectiveness of the castor oil. This hair and skin elixir, called “lwil maskriti” in Kreyòl and is as known as palm christi, nourishes hair growth and moisturizes for luxurious locks.

Our exclusive maskriti is made using a generations-old Haitian process of roasting castor seeds from Haitian farms to preserve the most nutrients. This 100% pure, unrefined castor oil is rich in , vitamins, and minerals making it great for skin and hair.  It stimulates hair growth and moisturizes skin, demonstrating why it is known as the palm of christ.

Maintain natural hair, promote hair growth, and nurture healthy skin

Apply this indulgent yet fast-absorbing Haitian castor oil as a hot oil treatment or hair growth oil. Massage just a few drops into your scalp, hair, beard, nails or skin twice a week. Its ability to carry moisture to hair makes it the ideal moisture treatment.  The high concentration of ricinoleic is the key to its ability to nourish hair and skin.  carries moisture to repair damaged hair, prevent split ends, and reveal remarkably smoother, frizz-free hair. Nourish follicles to boost thickness and growth.

Haitian Black Castor Oil AKA Lwil Maskriti for Massages

Not just for hair, lwil maskriti is a powerful skin conditioner too. Use as a nourishing face, massage oil for aches or body moisturizer.  You can also apply it to dry areas, stretch marks, lashes, brows, and cuticles. Show off radiant, youthful skin from head to toe.

Bring the beautifying tradition of Haitian black castor oil home today. Our hand crafted, small batch lwil maskriti made from Haitian castor beans preserves nutrients to stimulate hair growth and repair damage. Transform your hair and skin with this luxury, multi-use elixir.  Our Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil will help you achieve healthy hair and beautiful skin naturally.


We aim to address all your concerns and questions about this amazing product. So, let’s dive in!


Q: How can Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil benefit my hair?

A: Our organic castor oil is specially formulated to keep your hair nourished, moisturized, and healthy, harnessing the power of ricinoleic. It helps retain moisture, making it an excellent choice for those with dry hair or natural hair.


Q: Can I use this oil on my eyelashes and eyebrows?

A: Absolutely! Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil is perfect for promoting hair growth and strength. Simply massage the oil onto your eyelashes and eyebrows for thicker and fuller hair.


Q: Is this oil suitable for all hair types?

A: Yes, it is! Whether you have curly, straight, or textured hair, our oil works wonders. It caters to all hair types and helps improve hair, thanks to its high content of ricinoleic .


Q: How can Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil benefit my skin?

A: Our oil is not just for hair! It also works wonders for your skin. It nourishes and hydrates your skin, promoting a healthy and glowing complexion. Say goodbye to dry and dull skin!


Q: What skin types is this oil suitable for?

A: This oil is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. It works to balance your skin’s natural oils, leaving you with smoother skin.


Q: Can this oil be used as a massage oil?

A: Absolutely! The natural properties of Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil make it an excellent choice for a relaxing massage. Its nourishing qualities will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized.


Q: What are customers saying about Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil?

A: Our customers rave about the results they’ve seen with our pure 100 oil. They love how it has transformed their hair and skin, leaving them with soft and healthy locks and a radiant complexion.

Q: What makes Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil unique?

A: Our oil is made from pure 100% organic castor oil, sourced directly from our farms in Haiti. The beans are roasted and then pressed to extract the essence Haitian black castor oil, also known as Palma Christi or Haitian Maskriti oil. This key process ensures that our oil retains its nourishing vitamins.


Q: How does Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil carry moisture to the hair and skin?

A: The oil’s thick consistency allows it to deeply penetrate the hair follicles and skin layers, effectively carrying moisture to where it’s needed most with the help of ricinoleic. It is this ability to heal and carry moisture that makes our product stand out.


Q: How can I incorporate Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil into my hair routine?

A: There are multiple ways to incorporate our oil into your hair care routine. You can apply it directly onto your scalp or beard, use it as a hot oil treatment, or even add it to your shampoo or conditioner for an extra boost of nourishment with our pure 100% Haitian black castor oil.


Q: Can you show off your soft and healthy skin with this oil?

A: Absolutely! By regularly using Esterly’s Lwil Maskriti Haitian Black Castor Oil, you can achieve soft and smoother skin due to its rich ricinoleic content. Its hydrating properties will leave your skin feeling nourished and revitalized.

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